Cross-cultural communication with Americans


Everyone with Americans as their team members, partners or customers.


Over the past century, the United States (and previously the British Empire) have established the culture of international business communication. Due to the widespread use of English and the influence of Hollywood and other media, a mistaken perception of complete understanding of Americans may occur. These meetings aim to address key points of misunderstanding and explore ways to overcome these challenges in teams composed of both Ukrainians and Americans.


3-4 hours of presentation, workshops, case studies and Q&As, which can be split into 2 to 4 meetings:

  • Roots of misunderstanding
  • What Americans really think about professionals and business from Ukraine
  • What motivates Americans in business and life, and what they expect from the rest of the world
  • Small talk as an critical part of communication culture
    • What to talk about and how
    • Top chart of toxic topics
  • Improving communication at different levels:
    • Linguistic: Strategies for rapid improvement in the professional English language competence
    • Cultural: 12 key considerations for expressing ideas in a Ukrainian and non-Ukrainian manner
    • Remote: Technical and language strategies for seamless remote communication
    • Workplace: Best practices for effective and mutually anticipated communication, common pitfalls to avoid
    • Negotiations: Navigating international and American business negotiations
    • Interview: Preparing for a new project interview
    • Business trip: Tips for blending in into the team while abroad
  • Communicating with non-Americans: what typically and stereotypically differs in business cultures of the English-speaking world and other countries.
  • Next steps: how to further improve and excel in communication.