Indians on a cross-cultural team


Those who have colleagues or partners from India or with an Indian cultural background.


Understand the dynamics of personal and business relationships with Indians on a team, establish rapport faster, manage adequate mutual expectations, work effectively together, and have peace of mind.


A 60-to-120-minute webinar (presentation, workshop, Q&A, and case studies):

  • The diversity of Indians; how basic intercultural intelligence gives an unfair advantage in communication.
  • What really drives your colleagues from India: society, environment, tactics, and goals.
  • 12 aspects of doing business in India that are different from Ukraine or the United States.
  • Establishing a favorable impression and position from the very first minute.
  • Typical problem situations and solutions: how to listen, praise, set and monitor goals, and criticize without conflict.
  • Strategies for effectively communicating with an Indian manager, including taking into account cultural differences in perceptions of organizational relationships, work and life interactions, and communication.
  • Building a cohesive team culture by taking into account the unique perspectives and communication styles of team members from India, Ukraine, and the West.