Culture of Negotiations


All involved in negotiations: determining prices, volumes, and specifics of work from presales to PMs and key engineers.


In negotiations for IT projects, from discussing Master Service Agreements to implementing specific features, all parties involved must come to an agreement. It is important to understand and adhere to cultural expectations, as clear communication and understanding of unspoken signals is crucial for a successful outcome. Let's see how the signals differ and how a different cultural background can actually benefit you.


Webinar (Presentation, Q&A and case studies) 120 min.


Webinar agenda:

  • Who I am and my experience in business negotiations
  • Conversation structure that allows establishing a report for negotiations
  • Strategic approaches and a step-by-step checklist for multistage negotiations
  • Techniques and manners in negotiations
  • Cultural norms for conducting business negotiations with American clients
  • Common challenges and pitfalls specific for a software development project negotiations
  • The final stages: negotiating price and the bottom line
  • Handling returns and claims
  • Tips for further improving your negotiation skills
  • Q&A and case studies analysis