How to Talk to Americans About the War


All customer-facing employees who work with Americans.


While most customers have been understanding and empathetic towards the temporary difficulties faced by companies and colleagues from Ukraine, it is important to acknowledge that Americans, like any other individuals, tend to view the ongoing conflict in Ukraine through the prism of their own country's perspectives and current issues.

By not avoiding or marginalizing discussions on this topic and instead fostering open and balanced communication, there is a unique opportunity to strengthen personal relationships and work effectively in challenging times. This can be accomplished through mutual understanding, continued communication, and an effort to collaborate.

This webinar can also be valuable for migrants and volunteers working with foreigners.


A 120-minute webinar (presentation, Q&A, and case studies):

  • Is it even appropriate to talk about the war with coworkers?
  • The main political profiles in the US and how views on war are related to abortion rights, gun ownership and other issues
  • Tactic approach no.1: listen and ask questions yourself
  • How to answer typical questions about the war not to bring the conversation to a dead end:
    • You have terrible corruption, why should we help you?
    • You have nationalists, Nazis, fascists
    • You are not united, no-one really supports your president, and many people want to go to Russia
    • We just got out of a 20-year war in disgrace, I don't want to go through a similar again
    • Because of you, we have unbearable inflation and financial troubles
    • I am afraid of a nuclear conflict
    • You are asking for so much money
  • Toxic or controversial images for Americans that (unexpectedly for Ukrainians) are better off avoided in a conversation
  • How to talk about working on a project in times of risk and uncertainty: non-apologies, setting expectations, communication, mental health, and teamwork